Raw Material

• Only virgin materials used in melting for all alloys. 
• JINCHUAN Nickel and Copper from Chile. 
• All other metals sourced from high-quality suppliers. 
• Most of the metals used are pure/electrolytic grade to ensure highest purity levels.


• Completely integrated manufacturing facility; starting from the melting stage. 
• Melting performed in modern electric furnaces. 
• Capacity to melt in different batch sizes- big and small. 
• Special techniques to control impurities and inclusions. 
• Unique processing technique ensures consistency and high surface quality.

Hot Rolling

• Ingots pre-heated (red hot) and then hot-rolled on a high-speed rolling mill. 
• Ingots hot rolled to rods or strip form. 
• Assignment of roll-passes for different alloys. 
• Rolling carried out at high speeds to prevent high temperature oxidation of materials.

Wire Drawing

• Heavy gauge wire drawn to size on modern high-speed drawing blocks. 
• Wet drawing for wire sizes below 2 mm. 
• Over 50 different types of wet wire drawing machines available based upon wire diameter and alloy. 
• Diamond dies used to obtain bright and smooth surface quality. 
• Super fine wires up to diameters 0.025 mm also produced for special applications. 


• In-house batch annealing and continuous annealing furnaces 
• Hot-rolled material subjected to batch annealing in controlled atmosphere furnaces. 
• Annealed material thoroughly cleaned and coated with a suitable lubricant. 
• Continuous annealing for intermediate and fine size wire for desired surface finish. 
• Over 15 continuous annealing furnaces designed to anneal various Ni alloys. 
• All furnaces have inert atmosphere to give bright annealed wires.

Testing & Packing

• All alloys produced undergo several stages of quality control for strict adherence to specifications. 
• In-house, well-equipped physical and chemical testing lab supports the production. 
• Well-equipped packaging department to ensure that all material is shipped defect-free and safely packaged. 
• Treated and IPPC marked wooden boxes. 
• Standard spools used as per DIN standards. Drum/pail packing is also available. 
• Thicker wires supplied in coils on pellets. 
• Specialized packaging in other forms provided as per the customer requirement. 

Enamelled resistance wire

• The alloy we can do enamelled are Copper-nickel alloy wire,Constantan wire, Manganin wire, Kama Wire, Nickel alloy wire, PTC alloy wire etc. 
• Size: Round wire:0.05mm~0.11mm 
• Each alloy wire is insulated by the thickness of secondary paint film with temperature resistance of more than 180 degrees. 
• The film adhesion is tested according to the national standard. The pressure resistance reaches 2700V, the number of pinholes is 0, the long-term aging resistance temperature of the paint insulation is 90℃, the short-term aging resistance temperature is 120 ℃, the low-temperature resistance is - 40 ℃, and the acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

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