Jiangyin Chengxin Alloy Material Co.,Ltd has nearly 20 years experience as the leading alloy wire manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of services from fine wire drawing to resistance wire manufacturing. Since the beginning, our specialty has been the quality and precision of our products. We have the tightest tolerances and deliver with a few days to a few weeks. As a result, we have become the leading alloy wire supplier in the industry. 
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“REOU” alloy in China has been a pioneer and continues to be a leader in the production of Copper-nickel alloys (CuNi1-CuNi44); Karma(Nikrothal L/Evanohm/Alloy 800), Manganin and Constantan; Nickel-chromium alloy; thermocouple alloys (Type K, N, E, T, J); thermocouple extension wire; PTC thermistor resistance alloy, pure nickel wire and Monel) alloy with wire, ribbon, stranded and enamelled. Major applications are seat heating, underfloor heating, military project, aerospace, household appliances, heating wire, mechanical, electrical plant, temperature instruments ect.
 “REOU” alloy is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, fine and ultra-fine wire drawing and enamelled has been the specialty of the company, you’re able to order wire from 0.025mm (.001″) to 13mm (.51″) in small batches, medium volumes and mass production.
 “REOU” alloy has a complete set of quality inspection system with in-house chemical analysis, chromatographic analysis of materials, metallurgical analysis, pin-hole test, wire construction test and tension test ect to strict control the best quality. 
Focus on quality and customer needs has helped “REOU” alloy company to stand for global trustworthiness.

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